July 2017 Tip of the Month
Security Tip of the Month - July
Homes are more at risk of burglary during summertime vacations than any other time of year. Consider the following tips: 1) Cut the lawn right before vacationing 2) Have mail/packages collected by a trusted party 3) Program indoor and outdoor lighting for various times of the day.

50 California Street • San Francisco, CA • 94111 • (415) 956-5550
Workspeed Service Request System

50 California Street utilizes a web-based tenant request system called Workspeed. This is a user-friendly application that tenants can access from the convenience of their desk using an Internet browser. Workspeed enables you to enter and track all services requested, view the status of your requests at anytime from anywhere and to view and download billable request detail information. Please contact the Building Management Office to learn how to become a Workspeed user for your organization.

Red Hand LLC will provide detailed access and use instructions for the Workspeed system. Please provide a valid username and password for the property so this section can be customized.

Click here to access Workspeed.